Things to know about mobile homes

Renting property is a tedious task, with so many options to choose from. But renting mobiles homes might just be the answer to all your question in terms of budget, space and more. find answers to questions on mobile homes to rent and more.

Answered By Betty Parker | 2 years ago
  • Q: How much will it cost me to rent mobile homes?

    The cost of any mobile home will firstly depend on the types of manufacture and the type of hoe you are planning to rent, as they are generally classified according to size. The bigger the mobile home, the more expensive it will be to rent.

  • Q: What are mobile homes?

    Mobile homes are factory manufactured prefabricated structures which is put together and then fixed on chassis to convert it into a home on the go in simple terms. Mobiles homes are portable homes which can be attached to the back of your truck or van and towed across.

  • Q: What are the benefits of renting a mobile home?

    Mobile homes as the name suggests can be moved from one location to another with ease and does not require a lot of time and effort for that matter. They are cheaper to rent than regular homes, with low upkeep and maintenance and most importantly can be ready to move in from fabrication in just a matter of days.

  • Q: What are the different types of mobile homes?

    Mobile homes are categorized according to their size. General prefabrication sizes include single wide homes, double wide home and for the extra space hungry customers, some even feature triple wide homes.

  • Q: What should I know before renting a mobile home?

    Check out the mobile home, carry out a thorough inspection a before you rent a mobile home. Prefabricated homes and mobile homes are built on specific layouts and thus might or might not suit your purpose.

  • Q: Where can I find out more about renting mobile homes?

    Mobile homes are available for rent, which are posted just like any normal listing you would find on major dealer and property websites to browse from. They are just another form of real estate available for buying, selling and renting.

  • Q: Which is better, renting a regular home versus renting a mobile home?

    Both properties have a number of pros and cons which can be debated over factors like rent, upkeep and maintained, occupancy, safety, level of comfort, home décor, looks versus performance and a number of other features to be considered before narrowing down from the options available.

  • Q: Which is better, renting from an owner versus renting through an agent?

    Though renting from an owner would save you the commission you will have to shell out for the agent, this still doesn’t beat the fact that agents will have more number of options in terms of renting for you to choose from. The owner will obviously have no choice, unless he owns a couple of other properties for you to consider as an alternative.

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