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Repossessed homes are much cheaper than regular homes sometimes 50% cheaper than other properties in the area. The drawback to this is the homes may not be in the best of conditions. Read on to find out more about such homes and why buying them could be a risky move.

Answered By Jose Lopez | 6 years ago
  • Q: Are foreclosure homes generally in good condition?

    Homes that owners cannot afford to pay for are those that get foreclosed. The owners might’ve faced tough times for a while, which in all probability caused the house to fall into disrepair. You need to be ready to face the possibility that the money you save when buying the house at a bargain, might get used up in repairs. If the home is in an upscale area, but isn’t in the best of shapes, it might still be a good deal to consider moving forward.

  • Q: Are most homes that face foreclosure in high-crime areas?

    When the economy dips and suffers, homes in high-priced areas are the first ones to face foreclosure. It is a misconception that only homes in low-income areas face foreclosure as they might not be able to afford the loan payments.

  • Q: How can I go about buying a foreclosed property?

    Foreclosed properties are usually sold via an auction. The lenders are looking to regain their money and as such will sell to the highest bidder. These houses might still have people living in it, so you might have to initiate an eviction process after this.

  • Q: How much cheaper are foreclosure homes from the current values?

    Foreclosure homes can be as cheap as 50% of the going rate of similar homes in the area. But you could still spend a lot of money repairing and replacing the home and making it livable again.

  • Q: Should I get help from a real estate agent?

    If you’re planning on buying a foreclosed home, you should consult with a real estate agent, to help you with the extra paperwork and guide you through the process.

  • Q: Should I get the property inspected?

    You can’t get the property inspected before you buy it. So, you should be prepared to do repairs, sometimes extensively, after you purchase the property. You should consider getting a licensed inspector to check the house for damages.

  • Q: What are repossessed homes?

    When a home buyer falls behind in mortgage and fails to make payments towards the loan of the home, the legal process that follows is called foreclosure where the lender attempts to recover the balance of the loan by taking away the property from the owner.

  • Q: What is the difference between foreclosure and repossession?

    In essence, foreclosure and repossession mean the same thing, but the word repossession does not apply to real property like homes and apartments. For that the word, “foreclosure” is used.

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