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Property records are a great way of researching the property you intend to buy or lease. It gives you a good idea about the construction and renovation history of the property. These records are free to the general public - read on to find out how you can access these records.

Answered By Jose Lopez | 6 years ago
  • Q: Do these property record websites provide maps

    Yes, most records have geographical maps to make it easier to locate the property. This is useful for buyers to know the geography of the property and the adjoining areas as well as important places of interest like schools, malls, hospitals, police stations etc.

  • Q: Does researching other properties help when trying to set a price for my home?

    It helps a great deal in knowing what the value of the other similar properties in the area are. This will help you set a realistic and correct price for your home.

  • Q: How do I search for the property I want?

    Go to a free public records site or the official records site of your state or county. Click on the search column and type in the desired property.

  • Q: If I don’t know the address of the property how can I find information about the property?

    If you do not know the address, the name of the owner, the zip code, maps, other known addresses in the area, tax id number of the owners etc. can be used. You can also use neighborhood zip codes and school districts as a search criteria.

  • Q: Where can I find property records?

    Most property records can be accessed online through the state’s digital filing system. Property records have information of the property type, architectural design, landlines and a whole lot more. Some also have information about the past owners and other legal information.

  • Q: Why is it important for real estate brokers to check property records?

    Real estate brokers need all the information they can get on the property they are trying to sell or rent out. Property records include property description, valuation, square footage data, tax records and maps.

  • Q: Why should I go through the property records of the place I want to buy?

    Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. It is important to gather information about the property you are planning to buy. Knowing the background and the work done on the property will help you negotiate better.

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