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Having a pet is not easy especially when it comes to their food. Our four-legged friends cannot and should not eat food off our table, because it could be dangerous for them. Dog foods come in many varieties and it's necessary to read the package carefully before feeding your dog anything. Read on to find out more about all natural dog foods.

Answered By Jose Lopez | 6 years ago
  • Q: Are additives like salt and sugar necessary?

    Cheaper quality pet food use these additives to mask the low quality. Avoid these food as it may not have the complete nutrition your dog needs.

  • Q: Does dogs of different ages need different kinds of food?

    Yes they do. Just like humans need different kinds of nutrition at different stages in their life, dogs too require the same. An older dog will need food and treats that isn’t too hard on its teeth and is easily digested.

  • Q: Is a grain-free diet good for my dog?

    While some do well on grain-free food, it might not be the best for them, since a lot of animals have evolved to digest grain. By putting your pet on a grain free diet you might be denying them so very important nutritional elements.

  • Q: Is it important for the dog food too have digestive enzymes?

    Yes. Most high-end dog food has digestive enzymes that are necessary to your dog. It boosts your pet’s immune system and aids in digestion and better absorption of nutrients. Check the label for these details.

  • Q: What are the different kinds of dog food?

    Dog food is packaged in various ways – canned, dried and semi moist. Of these, canned food contains no preservatives, semi-moist food has some preservatives and dried food as the most preservatives for a longer shelf life.

  • Q: What natural dog food is best for my dog?

    This depends on the dietary needs, health and age of your pet. Check with the veterinarian to find the best food for your dog. Once you have determined your dog’s needs try out different brands, to see which suits your dog best. Change up the meals, or rotate it to give your dog the best nutrition and keep it from getting bored of its meals.

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