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Yorkies are a small-breed dog that are highly intelligent and very easily excited. With different kinds of types available the Yorkies are best suited for homes with older people. Read on to find out more about Yorkies.

Answered By Jose Lopez | 6 years ago
  • Q: Are Teacup Yorkies vulnerable to several health problems?

    Yes, Teacup Yorkies are quite delicate, and this is majorly because of their tiny size. So, one has to be attentive about their diet and try to cleverly train them so that they don’t injure themselves.

  • Q: How many types of Yorkies exist?

    Yorkies come in many types of which only the Designer Yorkie is not pure-bred. Mismarked Yorkie, Designer Yorkie, Teacup Yorkie, Biewer Yorkie, Parti Yorkies and Black Yorkie are the available.

  • Q: How much does a Teacup Yorkie weigh?

    A Teacup Yorkie weighs anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds.

  • Q: How much does a Yorkie puppy cost?

    Yorkies are an expensive breed. A puppy can cost anywhere between $300-$800. But if you want one with AKC registration the price will go up to $1200-$1500. If you are looking for a blue-blooded, champion-line bred show dog, the price can go up to $10,000.

  • Q: What is a Yorkie?

    A Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie for short is a small-dog breed of terrier that was bred in England to catch rats in clothing mills.

  • Q: What is standard size of a pure-bred Yorkie?

    The maximum weight a pure-bred Yorkie reaches is 7 pounds. The American Kennel Club disqualifies Yorkies if they are any heavier than this. They are 6-7 inches from ground to shoulder and the rump and height should be at the same level.

  • Q: What kind of temperament do Yorkies have?

    Yorkies are known for their intelligence, courage, independence and energy.  They are very easy to train, do not need much activity to remain healthy but do suffer from separation anxiety and can get aggressive.

  • Q: Where can I adopt a Yorkie from?

    Adopting a dog is always more desirable than buying one. There are sites dedicated to adopting Yorkies and giving them loving homes. There are also sites that are dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused Yorkies.

  • Q: Where can I find Yorkie puppies for sale?

    You can adopt Yorkie puppies from a rescue/shelter home or buy them from a breeder. If you are buying a Yorkie puppy then make sure that the breeder is experienced and trustworthy. You can ask a vet or contact a dog owner’s club to gain more insights about reputable breeders.

  • Q: Which breed is the Yorkie made from?

    The Yorkie was originally bred in Scotland Clydesdale terriers and Paisley Terriers which are now extinct. It got the name Yorkshire terrier because the dog was improved much in the county of Yorkshire.

  • Q: Which kinds of homes are Yorkies best suited for?

    Yorkies are easily excitable but get along well with other pets in the house. They don’t do well in houses with small children though. Experts recommend that Yorkies not be adopted or belong to people with children smaller than 8 years of age. They are ideal pets for older families.

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