Everything you need to know about dog tick treatment

It is quite common for pets like dogs to be affected by parasites such as ticks. But these shouldn’t be neglected at any cost as they can lead to an onset of harmful diseases. Read on to know more about the measures that you can take for protecting your dog from ticks.

Answered By Betty Parker | 2 years ago
  • Q: How are ticks different from fleas?

    Both of these parasites can affect humans as well as pets. The key difference between these two is that, a flea is an insect and a tick is an arachnid (closely related to the family of spiders). Ticks have a wide variety of hosts, unlike fleas. Ticks also have a massive breeding capability and spread the worst kinds of diseases.

  • Q: How should I prevent tick growth in my dog?

    Regularly inspect your dog’s body to check for ticks, especially after your dog has come from outside. Use dog hygiene products like shampoos that offer tick protection. When it comes to your home always maintain the necessary sanitation routine. If you have a backyard with trees and plants, trim them often to prevent the growth of ticks in the premise

  • Q: What are the most common tick species that affect dogs?

    American dog tick, lone star, black legged tick, brown dog tick, etc. are some of the common species which can infest your dog.

  • Q: What kind of diseases can ticks transmit in dogs?

    Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Hepatozoonosis, etc. are some of the diseases that ticks are capable of spreading through dogs.

  • Q: What kind of products are available for dog tick treatment?

    Collars, shampoos, pills, sprays, combs, fur sweeper, etc. are some of the products that are commonly used for dog tick prevention. Home and yard products are also available to kill any ticks in your house premises.

  • Q: What kind of tick medicines are available for dogs?

    You can find various oral pills and topical ointments which can prove to be a great tick control solution for dogs. Before you commence any treatment, seek counsel from the vet to gain more clarity.

  • Q: Where can I find tick control products for dogs online?

    1-800-PetMeds, Chewy, PetSmart, Amazon, Target, PetFlow, Thrive Market, etc. are some of the online retailers that provide with tick control products for dogs.

  • Q: Which are the best tick repellents for dogs?

    You can use popular repellent products of brands like Pet Armor, Sentry, K9 Advantix, Frontline, Vet’s Best, etc. If you wish, you can also use essential oils for topical application. Don’t forget to consult your veterinarian to avoid any incidents relating to allergies.

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