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Mutual funds are one of the most commonly used investments by people because of their simplicity and high return potential. It is a managed portfolio of stocks and bonds. Find out more about mutual fund investments and how it can benefit you

Answered By Isabella Walker | 4 years ago
  • Q: Before investing, what should I keep in mind to get the best mutual fund?

    When it comes to mutual funds, there are few point to keep a check on before investing, such as, expense ratio, turnover ratios, management team, philosophy of mutual funds, diversity of assets, index funds, international funds, benchmark fund, and more. You must do a complete research before hand.

  • Q: How does a mutual fund investment calculator work?

    This calculator will ask for some details like mutual fund house, category, scheme name, inception date, investment amount, start date and end date. It also helps you calculate the approximate value of your returns.

  • Q: How does one earn return on mutual funds?

    Some of the most prominent returns on mutual fund investments are income earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds; earning from selling securities that have increased in price and gaining capital for the fund; and earnings from individually selling your share of the mutual fund.

  • Q: How to determine if mutual funds are not right for me?

    You can learn about the limitations mutual funds hold to decide. Fees are applicable even when the fund is performing well or has negative return. These fees are sales charge, fees and expenses you must pay. Transparency is an issue with these funds along with pricing.

  • Q: What is a mutual fund investment calculator?

    A mutual fund investment calculator is a financial tool that that helps in calculating the historical performance of a mutual fund over a period of time and compares it with its benchmark index.

  • Q: Why are mutual funds important?

    Reasons for investing in mutual funds are- there is a diversification of investments that balances all the investments in case of poor investments; professional management, they are easy to buy and sell and you get a wide variety to choose from.

  • Q: Why should I invest in mutual funds instead of individual stocks?

    You get professional management assistance in mutual fund. There is also a diversification of stocks and bonds, which is expensive in buying individually. Mutual fund doesn’t require you to have immense knowledge in stock market and actively follow trends unlike an individual stock would require.

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