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Getting paid big bucks for the job is something nobody will object to. Whether it’s out in the field, a lab, a classroom or a corporate office, big money is what most look for. Read on to find out more about the highest-paying jobs that make ends meet and then some.

Answered By Jose Lopez | 6 years ago
  • Q: Does higher education mean a higher paying job?

    While the chances of you getting a higher paying job because of your high education are more, it also depends on the industry and field you choose. But, when it comes to entrepreneurship, there is no such rule. Sometime entrepreneurs with a high school diploma go on to make much more that those with college degrees.

  • Q: If I don’t have a college degree what are the highest paying jobs I can apply for?

    Jobs like dental hygienist, web developer, paralegal, insurance agent, executive assistant etc., do not require you to have a college degree. If you plan on getting your college degree, these are some jobs you can apply for while you get your degree. If you don’t plan to continue studying, these jobs have a very high growth rate and demand, so you will still be able to have a lucrative career.

  • Q: What are the highest paying jobs in the private industry?

    Your salary depends on your experience, skills, professional achievements, the company you work for and most importantly the industry you are in. Considering all this, anesthesiologists make the most money.

  • Q: What part time jobs are some of the best paying?

    The pay of your part time jobs depends on the hours you work, the type of job (specialty) and other factors. Some of the high paying part time jobs are tutoring (if you do in person rather than uploading content online), school bus driver, travel agent (the basic job pays less but if you get incentives you can earn well), restaurant server for breakfast and dental hygienist.

  • Q: Which companies pay the most right now?

    Consultancy firms A. T. Kearney and Strategy & pay the most with the average salary hovering at about $1,45,000. Technology firms like Google, Juniper, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, VMWare, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Adobe make it to the top 25 best paying firms.

  • Q: Which federal jobs pay the best?

    Federal jobs range from normal job positions like Human Resource, Business Solutions to Astronaut, Statistician. Accordingly, the pay differs. Astronomers are paid the most followed by Attorneys, Financial Managers, General Engineers, Computer Scientists, Chemists, Criminal Investigators, Microbiologists and Architects.

  • Q: Which vocational jobs pay well?

    Computer technicians are the best paid when it comes to vocation based professions. The others that require specialized training at a technical school and pay well are radiation therapists, electrical and electronics repairman, dental hygienist and fashion designer.

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