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While on the face of it delivery driver jobs seem easy enough, it can get stressful driving around the city in traffic. The wages for this kind of job depend from company to company and so do the perks and benefits. There is no educational qualification necessary for this job, but there are a few requirements that job seekers need to fulfil. Read on to find out more.

Answered By Jose Lopez | 6 years ago
  • Q: Can drivers accept tips from customers?

    Most companies have a strict no asking policy, but if the customer does tip on their own, the drivers are allowed to accept it.

  • Q: Can someone with a criminal record find a job as a delivery person?

    Someone with a criminal record will find it difficult to get a job in any kind of service industry. Background checks on the applicant are done, so lying on the resume will not help hide the fact.

  • Q: Do delivery drivers get a training program?

    Yes, they do. Every company is different, so the training programs and duration of it differs.  If you’re applying to drive an armored truck, you would be required to carry a concealed sidearm and would require training to use it.

  • Q: Do I need my own vehicle for a delivery driver job?

    No you don’t. If you’re working for a company like UPS, then the truck is provided by the company. But you do have the responsibility of maintaining the truck/vehicle you drive.

  • Q: How tech savvy do I have to be?

    While the requirements of technological know-how are not much, you would be required to follow maps on a GPS system or something like it during your route.

  • Q: What are the requirements to get a delivery driver job?

    While no formal education is necessary, reading and writing capabilities, a driver’s license and a clean driving record is needed. A delivery driver is expected to interact with customers, fill out forms, load and unload goods to and from the truck and attend on job training when necessary.

  • Q: What kind of pay can I expect?

    This varies from company to company but the average wage is around $13.25 an hour. Some companies pay on the basis of deliveries made, some companies pay an hourly basis and distance traveled and order size managed.

  • Q: What kind of work hours can I expect as a delivery driver?

    This depends on the industry you drive for. Those driving for bakers and grocery stores might have to report in very early. Those driving for a courier service would have typical work hour timings, while those delivering food, apparel and other things of goods might have longer hours.

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