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It is a great idea for the senior citizens if they decide to work part time and keep themselves engaged in an otherwise monotonous day. Find out queries regarding the types of jobs that are out there in various industries and much more.

Answered By Connor Marsh | 2 years ago
  • Q: How can senior citizen apply for a part time job

    The best way to apply for part time senior jobs is by word of mouth. Letting your neighbors and locals know about your availability for a job. Distributing and posting fliers in your area will also help. Websites such as and has jobs exclusively posted for senior citizens.

  • Q: What are some of the best part time senior citizen jobs?

    Keeping the comfortability factor in mind and a possibility to work from home, some of the part time senior citizen jobs include childcare, consulting, wellness (fitness training), freelance writing, and event planning.

  • Q: What are tax exemptions for senior citizens holding jobs?

    Senior citizens (65 years and above) residing and holding jobs in states like Maryland are allowed a higher income level before filing for a return. They are also exempted an extra $1000 on personal income.

  • Q: What is SCSEP and how does it help senior citizens?

    Senior Community Service Employment Program, or SCSEP is a program funded by U.S Department of labor that trains and helps senior citizens find jobs across the country. Minimum age to qualify for this program is 55 years.

  • Q: Which industries are more open to hiring senior citizens?

    The Airline industry has the most number of senior citizens working for them. American airlines, Delta airlines, and United airlines are some of the top senior citizen recruiters. Other industries such as education and retailing industries are also senior citizen friendly.

  • Q: Which states offer best part time senior citizen jobs?

    It is better to choose those states that have very low unemployment, crime rate, and good tax benefits. Some of the states are South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Montana, Virginia and Arizona.

  • Q: Which websites offer the best part time jobs for senior citizens?

    Websites such as have listings for part time jobs for senior citizens. helps you filter the type of job and location to help you find part time jobs near you easily. Other traditional websites which are common for everyone can also be used.

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