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A clerical job is required in any sector that requires a lot of paperwork and maintaining large amount of data in files (manually and on computers). Find out in these set of question and answers as to what are the requirements to apply, how much does it pay and much more.

Answered By Connor Marsh | 2 years ago
  • Q: Are there any local agencies that can help me find a clerical job?

    Agencies such as ‘Adecco USA’ and ‘Aerotek’ offer various clerical jobs. They have their branches located all over the U.S. Other than these agencies, you can try finding local listings available on on-line job portals.

  • Q: Are there any training programs for a clerical job?

    There are no certifications available for entry level clerical jobs as they do not require special skill sets. In order to apply for higher clerical positions such as administrative assistants, IAAP (International Association of Administrative professionals) provides certifications that will help you specialize in basic administration, office systems, and management skills.

  • Q: Can a file clerk apply for a data entry clerk job?

    Both file clerk and  data entry clerk have the basic job requirement of filing the information in an orderly manner. One needs more manual involvement while other requires computer assistance for computing and analyzing bigger files of data. So with a basic knowledge of operating a computer you can apply for data entry clerk job.

  • Q: Can a student work as a part time clerk?

    Yes, a student perusing high school diploma or higher level of education can work for any clerical position that the school or the university might offer. Mostly for entry level jobs, which can help the student make ends meet.

  • Q: Do clerical employees work in shifts?

    Like most of the jobs, clerical jobs are also available in shifts (both part time and full time). Apart from the regular shifts, you can work in 2nd shift which starts from 3 pm and goes on till 12 am. The third shift starts from 11 pm till morning 7 am. Hourly wages are same as offered in day shift.

  • Q: Do you need to be a graduate to apply for a clerical job?

    Applying for a clerical job does not require you to be a graduate. A basic high school diploma and a certificate in office training from a community college and you are good to go.

  • Q: How much does a clerical job pay?

    A clerical job pays an hourly wage of around $9 to 18$ depending upon which sector you are in. Including overtime and other benefits, a clerical job has an annual salary of $19,000 to $40,000.

  • Q: What is federal Government civil service exam?

    You can give federal government civil service examination that will help you getting a clerical position in the U.S government. The federal government civil service exam has many sub divisions, clerical services being one of them. Needless to say employed in a government sector has its own benefits.

  • Q: What is the career growth in a clerical job?

    If you are into an entry level clerical position, then you can work on promoting yourself to be a administrative assistant or an office manager which pays you $5K to $12k more than your current salary.

  • Q: Which industry sector offers the most clerical jobs?

    The industries that have a higher rate of employment in this field include; local Government sectors, employment services, educational institutions, and hospitals. Basically any sector that requires a lot of paperwork and data entry, both manual and computer based.

  • Q: Which states offer the most clerical jobs?

    Texas leads in the states that offer the most clerical jobs. Followed by California, New York, Florida, and Illinois. Annual wage lies between $27k to $35k, varies from state to state.

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