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We live in a world that is not free of dangers and threats. These elements of fear are present regardless which walk of life one belongs to or the profession they associate themselves with. Threat to common human existence and life as a whole has been present as long as humans ourselves have walked the lands of earth. Threats are a by-product of certain common emotions one might find in their thought processes. To name a few, greed, jealousy, anger, grief, and malice are a few terms which can be attached to the reason which gives comprises common threat. Such emotions, all of which are gravely negative, gives rise to a requirement wherein the person affected find themselves in the desperate need to cause harm. As is clear, that existence of violence has grown side-by-side with humanity, we as a race have possible dangers. Pre-historic transcripts of human life show the first set of tools ever to be created were ones to protect human life from external threat. The texts also give information about specific individuals in a tribe who were given a special and sacred responsibility to keep the tribe safe. These men would be extremely revered and in a common sense of definition, worshiped for their devices to the tribe. Transcending our thinking from the past to the present, much might have changed; however, the agenda behind safe-keeping is still the same. Over the last few decades, while the procedure in which security is provided as a service has changed, the agenda behind the service itself remind the same. The advent of the modern generation has made security services, like all other devices, much more accessible, elaborate, and budget-centric. There are different points toward which home security companies and services work; the basic elements while hiring and observing the service of such a firm is trust and reliability. These are the services one trusts, while resting in a comfortable bed, having no fear or doubt about the security of their close ones and their home. All and any kind of security options in a catalog of a home security service might not be affordable to all glancing through it. The ability of a firm to provide modulated device patterns keeping in consideration the spending capability of the client is what keeps the company a step ahead in being consumer centric. What's visible to the naked eye is the personnel guarding the gate of a property when it come stock home security solutions; however, there is a lot more that goes behind the security blanket that keeps the home and the inhabitants in it warm. While hiring an expert in the field, it is these minute details that comes under the highlight while decoding which firm to hire.

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