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GMC Acadia is your mid-sized Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) as a replacement for other seven or eight seater models available with its competitors. A mid-size crossover offering a rugged personality and certain off road capabilities. Find answers related to queries about Sierra vehicles and GMC Acadia.

Answered By Betty Parker | 2 years ago
  • Q: How much will the GMC Acadia cost me?

    GMC Acadia comes at a price range that starts from $30000. The price of the vehicle varies as per the specifications and features of a car model.

  • Q: What are the different color options I can get for the GMC Acadia?

    The GMC Acadia is available in many color options like Carbon black metallic, champagne silver metallic, crimson red tintcoat, dark sapphire blue metallic, Iridium metallic and others.

  • Q: What other models of the GMC Acadia are available?

    GMC Acadia comes in three new models namely the GMC Acadia, Acadia all terrain, Acadia Denali. The design and comfort vary according to price and technical specifications.

  • Q: Where can I find a GMC car dealer near me?

    You can find a GMC car dealer by searching on the internet, nearest to your location. Simply search for  GMC car dealers near me. Authorized car dealers can also be found using the company dealer locator on their official website.

  • Q: Which were the popular mid-sized crossover vehicles of 2016?

    The Honda pilot, Subaru outback, Ford edge, Toyota highlander, Jeep wrangler, Ford explorer are some of the popular mid-sized crossover vehicles of 2016.

  • Q: Why should I buy an SUV instead of a Sedan?

    Here are a few reasons as to why one should prefer the SUV over a Sedan. Compared to sedans, SUV’s offer more space, seating capacity, are more sturdy and reliable with off road capabilities. They are also flashy in style and make a statement wherever they go.

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