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Unoccupied passenger seats in a convertible, roadster or pickup truck is usually covered using tonneau covers. Tonneau covers help protect items from extreme weather conditions and potential dangers. Read on to know all about tonneau covers, popular types, considerations before buying and more!

Answered By Connor Marsh | 2 years ago
  • Q: Do tonneau covers need maintenance?

    Maintenance for tonneau cover depends on their type. A hardcover may not need any elaborate maintenance besides washing while vinyl covers may only require to be cleaned by vinyl cleaners. Retractable covers are the only ones that would require some mechanical maintenance.

  • Q: How do I get discounts on tonneau covers?

    You may avail promo codes or coupons on select websites online. Alternatively, you could choose to buy your cover from wholesale dealers either online or offline.

  • Q: What are some of the major types of tonneau covers?

    There are six basic designs in tonneau covers that include folding and tri-folding, roll up beds, snap and snap less bed covers, hard tonneau covers, hinged hard covers and retractable covers.

  • Q: What are the benefits of using a tonneau cover?

    The most obvious benefit of such a cover is protection of whatever you are hauling. Apart from providing safe transport of your equipment, tonneau covers also offer increased safety from potential thieves. Similarly, these covers also help keep your luggage organized and protected from spilling and shifting. Installing a tonneau cover may additionally increase your vehicle’s resale value.

  • Q: What are the different materials tonneau covers are made of?

    Soft covers are made of either cloth or vinyl. Hard tonneau covers may be made of hard plastic, fiberglass or aluminum.

  • Q: What are the things that I should consider before buying a tonneau cover?

    Before buying a tonneau cover you must be sure of the purpose you want it for. You must also set aside a budget and be aware of the utility you want to drive out of it. All these factors would determine the kind of cover you could choose.

  • Q: What colors do tonneau covers come in?

    Ordinary covers may come in black but you could also get covers painted in silver and other colors at select stores.

  • Q: Where can I shop for tonneau covers?

    Websites like pepboys, amazon, oreillyauto, tonneau cover store and many others offer a wide variety of covers.

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