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Automobile Association or AA is a dedicated roadside assistance provider in UK which offers a number of services, for both regular and premium members of its membership programs that boasts several benefits. Read on to find out about AA roadside assistance and more.

Answered By Connor Marsh | 2 years ago
  • Q: Does my insurance cover roadside assistance?

    This will depend on the type of insurance taken. If while taking up an insurance, you have added roadside assistance to be covered by your car insurance, then the services provided will be covered providing the said criteria are met.

  • Q: How much will it cost me to avail roadside assistance?

    The cost of breakdown assistance will again depend on the type of service provider and the services offered. Cost of minor repairs will differ to the major ones which might need expert servicemen and a number of technicians back at the garage after the vehicle has been towed.

  • Q: What are the benefits included in an AA membership?

    AA offers silver and gold memberships, which has enhanced breakdown cover with access to exclusive offers. More information can be found on the official website of AA where you can also find step by step instructions on how to become a member.

  • Q: What are the different types of assistance provided for break down cover?

    Roadside assistance and breakdown services cover a number of services right from simple flat tire fix to engine failures that might have left the motorist stranded. Normally this also covers towing the vehicle to the nearest garage for advanced servicing and assistance. Services will different depending on the service provider.

  • Q: What are the features of AA breakdown assistance?

    AA offers breakdown assistance for basic breakdown cover and a breakdown membership for premium members which will again differ in the types of services covered. Popular package includes roadside assistance, national recovery, onward travel options I case of major fault in your vehicle and more.

  • Q: What do you mean by breakdown cover?

    These are assistance and coverage services as the name suggest to help motorists and vehicle owners who are stranded somewhere within the coverage area, in need of mechanical assistance and possibly towing to the nearest garage or service station.

  • Q: What is AA membership?

    AA offers exclusive membership for roadside assistance, which covers an array of assistance and services which won’t be covered otherwise in the normal assistance. Premium membership entitles you to many other benefits along with roadside assistance.

  • Q: Which are the popular roadside assistance services?

    AA, AAA, Good Sam roadside assistance, Allstate motor club, National motor club, Paragon motor club, AARP Gm motor club are some popular roadside assistance amongst many others.

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