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Buying a luxury car get a bit daunting when you have so many options out there. The prices can be very tricky and put you in a fix to select a luxury car best suited for you. Read on to find out more what options are available that can help you decide better towards buying your new luxury car.

Answered By Betty Parker | 2 years ago
  • Q: Are there any electric cars in the list of luxury cars of 2017?

    Currently, TESLA model S tops the list of most awaited ‘green cars’ of 2017. With a fuel economy of 98-104 MPGe (miles per gallon electric) it can clock 0 to 60mph in 2.5 seconds. The base price is $74,500.

  • Q: What are the things that I should consider before buying an expensive luxury car?

    The first and foremost thing you should consider before buying an expensive luxury car is the difference between ex-showroom price and on-road price. Different dealers levy different prices on the same brand of the luxury car. So, choose your best pick. Secondly, look for the warranty and service deals that the car company is offering as luxury cars have expensive spare parts and are high maintenance, so much that it can put a ‘dent’ in your wallet once you take your car for its first service.

  • Q: What factors contribute to making luxury cars expensive?

    The factors that make them ‘the most expensive luxury car’ is the extent of work that is put behind its detailing. Right from hand furnished steering wheels to fine tuning of the engine which make its driving effortless. The brand name however plays an important factor in the pricing of the luxury car. The limited number of manufactured units makes the car even more expensive.

  • Q: Where can I find the best deals in cheap luxury cars?

    You can either check with a local dealer in your area, which might give you a fair idea about luxury cars at a very low price. The cars might be second handed or plainly sold cheap by the manufacturer.

  • Q: Which are some of the popular websites to find cheap luxury cars?

    You can check online on websites like;,, and and get a comprehensive review that can help you decide which luxury car you can afford to buy.

  • Q: Which are the top luxury cars of the year 2016?

    Clocking in at number one, Audi A6 tops in the list of luxury cars in the year 2016. With a 450 horsepower, it runs at 18-25 and 27-38 miles per gallon. Acura RLX comes in at second position. With a 377 horsepower and a 3.5 liter V 6 engine, its priced at $59,950.

  • Q: Which companies make the most expensive luxurious cars?

    Companies like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, and BMW make the most expensive luxurious cars. Some of the other car companies offer the same feel and quality in their expensive cars at comparatively lower prices, but still lack the finesse that the limited-edition cars have.

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