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Vehicle tracking is an important part of a transport businesses operating in large cities. It gives real time data on the location of vehicles in the fleet and helps in route optimization and efficient working of the business. GPS and GLONASS technology are most commonly used, these tracking devices come in many types.

Answered By Connor Marsh | 3 years ago
  • Q: How does GPS vehicle fleet tracking work?

    GPS vehicle fleet tracking is powered by the vehicle’s battery (12V for most cars or 24V for trucks and other large vehicles).

  • Q: Is customer service available for GPS vehicle fleet tracking software?

    Yes. Customer service is available with the purchase of vehicle tracking software. The quality and prompt response of the customer care depends on the provider you chose. Make sure you get 24/7 customer service as your business may require support at any time.

  • Q: What are the benefits of GPS vehicle fleet tracking?

    The benefits of GPS vehicle fleet tracking are increased productivity, reduced labor cost, control of fuel expenses, improvement in customer service, increased fleet safety, reduction in operating expenses, superior route planning, reduction in maintenance costs and unauthorized vehicle use.

  • Q: What are the different types of car tracking systems?

    Car tracking has become very important in recent times. There are many different players in this area and a few upcoming ones. There are three types of tracking: GPS vehicle tracking system, wireless passive tracking system, and satellite-based tracking system.

  • Q: What are the drawbacks of these two systems?

    The storage capacity of Passive solution is varies. Some solutions can store data for 7 days while some can do so for up to 60 days. The drawback of this system is that if the vehicle stays out of the coverage for a long period of time or if the data exceeds the memory capacity, that data can be lost if new data overwrites the old data. As far as Real-time tracking goes, since the data is continuously updated, there is no risk of data loss.

  • Q: What is GPS vehicle fleet tracking?

    A vehicle tracking system is the combination of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles and the software that collects this data for a complete picture of the locations of all the vehicles. Generally, modern vehicle tracking systems use GPS or GLONASS technology, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used.

  • Q: What is the average price of GPS vehicle tracking devices?

    The price of a GPS tracking system will depend on the brand, quality, functionality, and a lot of other factors. An average GPS vehicle device price is anywhere between $20 and $30. The price will be similar in case of a truck fleet tracking system: however, it might differ if you are opting for a hidden GPS vehicle tracking system.

  • Q: What is the difference between Passive tracking system and Real-time tracking system?

    In Passive tracking systems, the receiver stores all the GPS data – gathered every 30 seconds –  that can be downloaded onto a local server only once the vehicle has returned to the headquarters at the end of the day’s run. This requires a considerable amount of memory to store the data. Real-time tracking uses the cellular/satellite modem within the GPS system and based on predetermined frequency, it will continuously update the data into the server.

  • Q: What should determine my choice of GPS vehicle fleet tracking system?

    While you might have many choices when choosing a tracking system, keep in mind your budget, your needs, the size of your fleet and of course the quality of service and support the provider will offer you.

  • Q: Which are the best sites for vehicle tracking unit reviews?

    If you are looking to buy a live GPS vehicle tracking unit, you will want to refer to some website and some reviews before making the decision. You can find reviews or a list of top vehicle tracking systems on Flipboard, SoftwareSuggest, Heavy, SafeWise and many others.

  • Q: Which are the top 5 GPS Fleet Tracking Services?

    Verizon, Fleetistics, NexTraq, Rhino and CalAmp are among the top 5 GPS Fleet Tracking services.

  • Q: Which is the best vehicle tracking device available?

    Among a lot of different and well-functioning GPS trackers, the Spy Tec STI GL300 mini portable real-time GPS tracker is the best when it comes to functionality, customer service, and it comes with an SOS button.

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