Choosing between an end and side dump trailer

If you have been planning to purchase a dump trailer that will suit your requirements ideally, one of the biggest question is whether to go in for a side dump or an end dump trailer. This becomes quite a difficult choice to make as both these kinds of trailers are suitable for most kinds of heavy lifting work that needs to be done. Read ahead to find out various advantages of both the above-mentioned kinds of trailers that might help you make your choice: Features and advantages of end dump trailers Durability: End dump trailers are manufactured with more of aluminum in them and so their durability is comparatively lesser. However, now steel end dump trailers are also popular and their durability is commendable. So if one is looking for durability as a factor, then end dump trailers are a good option. Payload: As the sides of end dump trailers have been designed with higher and raised sides, the yard capacity is comparatively better. Maneuverability: These trailers come in extremely useful while unloading your stuff in tight or bottleneck spaces. Stability: Their chances of tipping over are comparatively more as their stability system is not commendable. This means you may require paying a bigger insurance premium for the same. Common applications: These end dump trailers are mostly ideal for dumping material at construction sites, be it roads or building sites, removal of snow. It can also be used for aggregate stockpiling. Regions of Use: These end dump trailers are more conventional in the east. Features of side dump trailers Durability: They are found to be quite good as far as durability is concerned. Maneuverability: These side dump trailers are not recommended for confined unloading. Stability: They offer excellent stability and are comparatively proven much safer as far as offloading purposes are concerned. Their insurance premiums are also comparatively lower, that makes them cost effective. Payload: Their cubic capacity is comparatively small but however end dump trailers have the capacity to perform multiple-trailer configurations. Common applications: End dump trailers are commonly used at levee construction sites, pit mining, excavation and also at road construction sites. They are ideal for handling boulders and rip raps as end dump trailers mostly made of aluminum and have chances of denting when dealing with boulders. Regions of Use: These trailers are more popular in west and great Midwest regions. The above-mentioned features will help you decide on your choice of trailer accordingly to your particular requirements.

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