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The first thing that comes to your mind before buying a vehicle after you have considered its cost is the fuel efficiency. With rising fuels prices and more and more vehicles adding to the carbon emissions, more and more manufacturers are now making fuel efficient cars which gives you a much better miles per gallon ratio. Find answers to the best fuel efficient cars and many more deals.

Answered By Betty Parker | 2 years ago
  • Q: Are hybrids good fuel efficient cars?

    Hybrid cars are dual power mode cars that use both conventional and alternative fuel sources to power your vehicle. Hybrids are fuel efficient cars since they can switch power sources to run on alternatives when conventional sources like gasoline or diesel are depleted in its tank.

  • Q: Are there any fuel efficient cars in the compact vehicle category?

    Compact cars are generally much smaller compared to your average mid sized vehicle, which are also much more affordable. There are fuel efficient variants in the compact category like the Kia Soul, Chevrolet bolt, Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Volkswagen GTI and many more.

  • Q: Is fuel economy an important factor to look into before buying a car?

    Fuel economy has dual benefits. A more economic make and model will save you cost in terms of daily fuel consumption. It also helps reduce the carbon emissions which is vital for environmental protection and conservation.

  • Q: What are the latest offers and deals available in the fuel efficient variants?

    Offer and rebates, discount deals can be compared online on the official company website or at your local car dealer depending on the manufacturer you chose to go with. Different manufacturers will have different offers and deals with them, which can be easily compared based on reviews and specifications.

  • Q: Where can I read reviews about the latest fuel efficient and economy cars?

    There are websites where you can read reviews about the latest fuel efficient cars. Posts on social media by happy customers who share their buying and user experience is also a very good source. Manufacturers will post information about their latest and best models available on their official company website.

  • Q: Which are the best fuel efficient car models of 2017?

    The Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius C, Chevrolet Malibu, Lexus CT 200h, Hyundai Sonata, Ford C max, Mitsubishi Mirage are just some of the best fuel efficient car models which average a 37 to 52 mile per gallon depending on the make and model.

  • Q: Which are the best fuel efficient pickup trucks and where can I find out more about them?

    The 2016 GMC Canyon, 2016 Ram 1500, Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra are just some of top fuel efficient pickup trucks amongst many more in the pickup class.  The average miles per gallon ranges from 19 to 25 depending on make and model.

  • Q: Which is better, the hybrid fuel efficient or a regular fuel efficient car?

    Both offer the basic feature of fuel economy. However the hybrid offers dual power source which also uses alternative resources. For example, a hybrid gasoline electric car will run on gasoline primarily and automatically switch to the electric power motor which is charged on the go by the conventional motor.

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