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Taking care of your car by servicing it periodically is a good habit. It keeps the car in good condition and improves the longevity of its engine, helping it perform better and sound new even after years from when you bought it. But there are times we tend to oversee this factor because servicing comes with a cost and can 'over rev' your budget. read on to find out about the prices and offers of oil change that you can use to keep your car in good condition.

Answered By Betty Parker | 5 years ago
  • Q: Does changing ordinary oil to synthetic oil bring about better performance in a car?

    Yes, A synthetic oil is a modified oil. It is modified to improve protective and lubricating properties. Some synthetic oils are used to improve the overall mileage and performance of a car.

  • Q: How do I redeem the oil change coupons?

    Oil change coupons are mostly printed coupons which you can print and redeem at your local auto service centers. You can also send the on-line coupons on your mobile as a text message and present it to get discount on oil change.

  • Q: How do I use Midas oil change coupons?

    Once you sign up for a membership from their official website, you can print the coupons from their website and get them redeemed at their service centers.

  • Q: How much does an oil change cost?

    Conventional oil change costs around $20-$50. Synthetic oils, as they improve the overall performance of the engine, have an increased price of around $45 – $70 an average. The prices may vary as per the brand and location of the auto service centers.

  • Q: What is the price of a high mileage oil change?

    High mileage oil being a kind of synthetic oil, helps increase the mileage of your car by improving several parameters of the car engine. It is advisable to get your engine oil changed when it has covered over 75,000 miles. A high mileage oil can cost anywhere between $45 and $75 based on which brand you buy. High mileage coupons offer oil change at an average of $35.

  • Q: What kind of oil change coupon does Midas offer?

    Midas offer $19.99 conventional oil change plus coupon. Under this offer they do oil and filter change, a courtesy check including visual brake inspection, battery, belts and hoses inspection. Also, a 4-tire rotation if necessary.

  • Q: Where can I find prices for changing my car oil?

    You can check with your local auto garage or auto service centers for oil change prices. There are websites on-line which can help you find a local auto garage or local auto service centers.

  • Q: Where can I get Mazda oil change coupons?

    Apart from the partner websites that offer coupons for every car, offers coupons as well. You can get them emailed in your inbox and get them printed. You can also visit their area specific websites and grab the same offer, this way it will be easier for you to locate the store near you as well.

  • Q: Where do I find Acura oil change coupons?

    If you own an Acura car, you might as well be taking it for periodic servicing. Check with your service center if they happen to offer coupons for their customers. Apart from this, you can check their (location specific) official website, it has many coupons to offer which can get you a good deal.

  • Q: Which are some of the popular websites that offer oil change coupons?

    Websites such as,, and are some of the popular auto coupon websites that offer coupons for oil change.

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