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Cell phones are devices that are prone to get lost or stolen rather easily. If you have the tendency of being forgetful, make sure you have some phone tracking application installed on your phone. In case you have just lost one, read on to know all about tracking lost phones, popular tracking apps and more!

Answered By Jose Lopez | 2 years ago
  • Q: Can all cell phones be tracked in the same manner?

    No. Since all cell phones do not work only on one kind of operating system, there are different ways of tracking different kinds of cell phones.

  • Q: Can you track a cell phone that is not yours?

    Yes. To ensure your kid’s safety, you may track their phone to detect their locations. Some employers also use phone detecting apps to keep an eye on their employees.

  • Q: How are windows phones tracked?

    To track a windows phone, you must go to the windows phone website and click on the relevant tracking and control options. This would require you to sign in following which you would be able to locate and control your phone.

  • Q: How do you install tracking application on your cell phone?

    You may go to google play (in case of an android phone) and download the application of your choice from there.

  • Q: How do you track a lost android phone?

    You may have to download an android device manager on an android device and then log in to the app. Once you log in, the application would locate your lost device on a map. The app would also enable you to perform some important functions like locking the device or erasing critical data.

  • Q: How do you track an iPhone?

    All iPhones usually have a location tracking feature. ICloud is one of the sites that you could use to help you locate your  iPhone device.

  • Q: How does tracking work?

    To track a device, you must have a tracking application downloaded and installed. If you wish to track a phone, recorded logs get uploaded in your online account. Once you log in to the account you would get to view logs that would contain GPS location of the lost/target phone.

  • Q: What are the popular applications that help you track your lost cell phone?

    There are several devices that can help you track your phone. Some popular ones include pre-anti-theft, Cerberus, android device manager among others.

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