Find answers to your queries on getting an MBA online

Find answers to your queries on getting an MBA online
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Getting a degree online comes with its share of doubts. The authenticity of the college, the validity of the degree in the real world and the weight of earning that degree online when compared to someone who’s earned it from a traditional college. An MBA is one of the most sought after degrees and getting one can increase your chances of a better job profile and better pay remarkably. If you don’t have the time to attend regular college to get an MBA, consider getting an online one. Read on to find out more about it.

How does an online MBA program work?

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With full-time study, most online MBA programs take a minimum of 18 months to two years to complete. Those studying full-time need to enroll in three to four courses every semester. Apart from the time spent in online lectures, students are expected to spend 20 hours per week on course work – like studying, assignments, team meetings etc.

Do MBA degrees acquired online have any value?

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It’s getting increasingly competitive and attending full time college is no longer an option for those who need to work full time. Since, MBA is a sought-after degree, choose your college carefully. You need the years you put into getting the degree to count. Look for a reputed college with a successful MBA program.

Will an online MBA lessen my chances of getting a high-paying like those who’ve gotten the degree the traditional way?

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This completely depends on the industry and company you hope to get into. There are a few who prefer hiring people who’ve gotten their degree the traditional way but that’s not to say that you don’t stand a chance. Connect with the alumni of the program you’re considering and take feedback.

What is the difference between an online MBA and a traditional one?

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The only difference lies in the way you earn those degrees. Degrees earned online do not require you to be physically present in a classroom, whereas degrees earned the traditional way have a mandatory attendance percentage. All employers though do not place the same amount of value on both degrees.

Is the knowledge bank the same if you get a degree online or the traditional way?

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The course and the syllabus is exactly the same no matter how you get your degree. The only difference lies in the way classes are attended.

Are the fees for online MBA the same as a traditional MBA program?

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Online MBA programs like other online degrees are cheaper than their traditional counterparts. On campus and house and board fees do not apply reducing the cost of acquiring the degree online.

What is the study material required for online MBA programs?

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The college will decide the curriculum and the reading material will either be available to download from the program site itself or you will have to purchase it. Some online MBA programs incorporate the cost of books in course educational cost.

Is there a base grade point average (GPA) required to be accepted for online MBA programs?

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Yes. All MBA Options require a base undergrad general GPA of 2.75. At the point when there are a larger number of candidates than seats in MBA programs, colleges pick the most qualified understudies.

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