Find answers to queries on gas credit cards

Find answers to queries on gas credit cards
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Credit cards come with many kinds of rewards and gas rewards are one of the popular ones. Gas reward credit cards give rebates on filling up at a gas station and some oil-company issued cards will give rebates on fuel filled up at their specific stations. Read on to find out more about credit cards with gas rewards.

What are gas reward credit cards?

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Credit cards come with all sorts of rewards like airline miles, low interest on everyday spending, no annual fees, gas rewards, transferable points, cash back, 0% intro APR on new purchases, no foreign transaction fee and so on. Gas rewards means you earn points – cents on the gallon – on every fill up at the pump. Different credit cards weigh the rewards differently so you’ll need to assess them carefully before choosing one if you’re keen on getting a fuel rewards card.

What is the maximum reward I can get on a gas credit card?

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There is no fixed amount as such, it will all depend on the card you choose. Sometimes a card that rewards great on gas may not be the best interest-wise. But look for one that gives you adequate cashback on gas and other purchases and good bonuses on initial spending. An introductory offer of 0% APR will be a cherry on the top.

Why am I being charged more for paying for gas by credit card?

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Visa and Mastercard charge merchants when customers pay by credit. So they on turn charge you a slightly higher price for fuel when you pay by credit card. This is to cover the surcharge that would otherwise come out of their pockets.

How do I choose the best gas reward credit card?

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There are many factors that come into play when choosing a credit card that gives great rebates on gas. There are three rewards rates – 3%, 5% and 10%. While 3% and 10% are rates that fluctuate, 5% is highest continuous rate you can get. The rewards are also based on how your gas provider is categorized. Buying fuel from pumps attached to retailers and supermarkets will not add to the bonuses, but buying from standalone gas stations will.

Can I get a fuel rewards credit card if I have bad credit?

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Yes you can get a fuel rewards credit card even if you have bad credit. You will get at least one percent cashback on your gas purchases. One of the credit cards that offer this is Credit One.

How do I apply for a gas credit card?

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Applying for a credit card that gives good rebates on gas is the same as applying for any other credit card.

What are oil-company gas cards?

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Gas credit cards that are issued by oil companies sometimes in partnership with a bank are called oil-company gas cards. The rewards are basically a certain number of cents off of each gallon of gas bought by you at their dedicated stations. Sometimes the rates of interest on these cards are very high but you can get cash back on travel expenses like car rentals, airlines and even hotels and there are generally no annual fees.

Which credit cards give the best gas rewards?

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Credit cards come with many rewards and some give more weightage to rewards on gas. Some of the more popular credit cards for gas rewards are from Chase, Discover and American Express.

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