Find answers on how to find the best job sites

Find answers on how to find the best job sites
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With the advent of internet and its easy accessibility, finding a job online is now an easy task. But with the high number of job websites you are sure to get confused on finding the right one that fits your requirement. Read on to find out about job posting websites, how to apply for a job online and more.

How to find the best websites for jobs?

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The simplest way is to search online for the ‘best websites for jobs’ and you will be directed to a number of links. Here, you can either look at every link on the first two search pages or find a specific website. Nowadays, you can also find job websites’ references on various social media sites.

How to identify legitimate job posting websites?

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Research the name of the website online and check for their relevant reviews. Don’t rely on the job website for accurate information alone. Search online forums that conduct reviews and feedback on job websites to get relevant information.

Where can I post a job opening for free?

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There are only a handful of websites that offer free job posting such as the Workable and Glassdoor. But if you try out the paid versions then you can get additional benefits on your account, which will help you to hire better candidates. You can also use different social media forums for posting jobs, which are both free and budget based, and you can spend as little as you want.

Which are the most popular job posting sites for employers?

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Some of the most popular job posting websites are Indeed, Craiglist, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, to name a few. These sites are designed as per industry type and price, which may depend on monthly or price per post.

Do I need to be a registered user of the website for searching a job online?

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While the registration is not compulsory for some websites, you can get added benefits for being a registered user. Most of the websites have free registration, but if you upgrade with added charges then you can eligible for add-ons like your application status, increase your resume views etc.

How to apply for full time jobs online?

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It’s very simple. Search for the website you want to register in and follow the instructions in the online job portal to fill the personal and professional details. Another easy way is to copy the details from your resume and paste the same on the job websites. You can also customize the job search by selecting the years of experience, industry, skills, location, expected salary, full or part time to name a few.

Do I need to write a cover letter while applying to a job online?

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Although submitting a cover letter is an optional criterion for applying a job online, but you should always consider writing one. Including a cover letter is also a smart way of getting noticed amongst various other applicants, as many tracking systems will account for cover letters while searching for a specific job related keyword.

What is a job board?

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A job board, from an employee’s perspective, is a portal for job search. On the other hand, a job board for an employer is an advertising and promotion vehicle.

What is the difference between a job board and job search engine?

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A job board is a website that posts jobs provided by employers. Whereas, job search engines find the web to collect job listings across various job boards and company websites.

What is a job aggregator site?

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Job aggregator sites are essentially same as job search engines. They gather job postings across the web, including company websites and paid job boards, to offer an easily accessible database to job seekers.

Where can I find reviews on the best sites for job seekers?

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Search for the reviews of specific job websites online. You can find a number of dedicated sites offering real customer reviews. You can also read reviews on different social media forums where the job seekers post reviews on their experiences with the website.

Which are the job websites for freshers?

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Although there are no dedicated websites for freshers but you can always customize your job search in the existing online job portals. Here, you can edit or personalize your work experience, location, expected salary etc., and then get the desired results.

Do these websites offer full-time or part-time jobs?

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Most of the online job portals have both full-time and part-time job postings. There are dedicated websites for part-time jobs as well.

Is there any career advice offered to the job seekers in these websites?

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Yes, there are a few websites that also offer career counseling and advice. These services can either be paid or free, depending on specific sites and experience of their counselors.

Are there freelance jobs available in these websites?

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As most of the online job portals offer the flexibility of customizing the job search, you can also make a search for freelance jobs. Depending on your selection, you will get a list of freelance jobs to choose from.

Which are the websites for government job seekers?

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There is an ongoing confusion on getting genuine government jobs in the country. Hence, it is important to look for websites that are sponsored or supported by the Department of Labor. Few of such job websites are Career One Stop,,, etc.

Are there any specific job websites for women?

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With an increase in the graduating women in the USA, there is also a rise in the job websites for them. Some of the popular ones are Fairy God Boss, Power to Fly etc. There are other dedicated websites for women offering career advices like Levo and Career Contessa.

Which are the popular work from home websites?

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Depending on the type of work from home job you are looking at, you may customize your job search accordingly. Few of the popular websites offering work from home, Flex Jobs, Monster Jobs, Indeed, to name a few.

Are there any websites for seasonal jobs?

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Yes, there are multiple seasonal jobs’ websites that you can find online. Some of the popular ones are Back Door Jobs,, etc.

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