Find answers on buying new tires

Find answers on buying new tires
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Buying new tires can put a dent in your pocket as will postponing buying them. Then there’s always a dilemma of when tires need to be replaced, which ones need to be replaced and where you will get the best deals from. Deciding on which brand and the type of tires is also something that will need a lot of research. There are many factors that affect the wear and tear of tires and these are the questions you need to ask yourself when you buy a new set.

What wears out the tires?

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The wear and tear of tires depends on a few factors. Your driving habits, the climate you live in, the condition of the roads, bad maintenance of the tires and the design of the tires determine the condition your vehicle’s tires end up in.

When should I buy new tires?

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There are a number of things to look for when deciding on whether you need new tires. If your tires are more than ten years old, you should get new ones anyway, even if they look okay. The tread of the tires should not fall below 1/16th of an inch. If there are tracks or cuts on the sidewall of the tires it might be time to get a new set. If you feel like your vehicle is vibrating too much and if your vehicle’s alignment and internals are healthy, then it could be your tires. If it isn’t, the vibrations might soon enough damage your tires.

What do the numbers and alphabets on the sidewall of the tires mean?

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These are indications of the brand, model, size of the tire, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and safety standard markings. Along with this there is the Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) code as well as load, speed and maximum inflation pressure specifications.

Should I replace all the tires at the same time?

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It is recommended that you change all the tires at the same time but if you are under budgetary constraints, you may change them in pairs, depending on the condition of the older tires you leave on your vehicle. But, if your vehicle is an AWD you should replace all of them at the same time.

Where should I buy the new tires from?

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You do have a lot of options when buying tires. While buying from the dealership is the most expensive, you could go to a local auto shop and select the best tires for your vehicle at a reasonable price. You could also go to a discount tire retailer and get tires at heavy discounts. The only caveat is it will be up to you to mount and balance the tires from a local shop. The same will apply for tires bought online.

What kind of tires should I buy?

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This will depend on your vehicle and your driving conditions. The different types of tires are touring tires, high-performance tires, light truck tires, commercial light truck tires, winter tires, all-season tires and off-road tires.

Should I buy used tires or new ones?

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It might save some money if you opt for used tires, but you might not know what is actually wrong with the tires until it is bought and used on your vehicle. Also, new tires would come with some kind of warranty or guarantee that you will not get with a used tire. Some places offer deals that give you the fourth tire free on the purchase of three. Look for these deals or replace your tires in pairs if possible.

How much do new tires cost as opposed to used ones?

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The average cost of a new tire is about $100 for an average car and can go to about $200 for an SUV.

Which are the best brands for tires?

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The brands that are the most popular when it comes to tires are Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

Does the tire affect fuel economy?

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Yes, the kind of tires you choose and the condition you maintain the tires in can help with fuel economy. Tires with not very deep treads increase rolling resistance and help in mileage, but less treads mean the tire grips the ground less making it a little unsafe. Proper air pressure of the tires and monitoring air pressure regularly also helps in fuel economy.

Should I buy LT or a P type of tire for my SUV?

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If the tire size code starts with LT it means that it is a light-truck tire. Light-truck tires are designed for higher-load carrying used on pickups and SUVs. P stands for passenger tire, so it is not necessary to have LT tires on an SUV but it can be used if your SUV is going to be carrying a heavier load.

What are the advantages of used tires?

What are the advantages of used tires?
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The first and foremost advantage of buying used tires is that they come at almost half the selling price Although, worn out tires may cost a little less than the ones that have all their treads intact. Another advantage of getting used tires is reducing the over-all carbon footprint of the environment. Imagine everybody (owning a vehicle) bought a fresh pair of wheels every time!

What are the disadvantages of used tires?

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Used tires for sale are most often worn out. Some to the extent that all their treads are flattened out. Buying tires with such conditions can be risky for the car and your safety. Tires that have been patched through out their use in due course of time are poor in maintaining the car’s grip on the road.

What kind of tires do pep boys tires sell?

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Pep boys sell tires for all kinds of vehicles and purposes. The tires range from all season tires, all terrain tires, low profile tires, off road tires, snow tires and many more.

What brands do Pep Boys tires sell?

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Brands like continental, falken, Hankook, Pirelli, Michelin and General tires etc. are sold by Pep Boys. You can select the brands and then select the make and model of the car with tire’s size.

Do firestone tires offer tires of all sizes?

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Yes, Firestone sell tires right from 13” for mini hatch backs to 22” for large pickup trucks.

What kinds of services do big o tires offer?

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Big o tires provide services on oils lubricants and filters, tire service and repairs, wheel alignment, services on brakes (cleaning or replacing brake calipers) and batteries.

What is the best tire size?

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There is no one answer as to which is the best tire size, if you are a driving enthusiast, you might prefer tires with larger rims. Tires with larger rims are good for maneuvering vehicles at high speeds as the surface area of the tire is more, also it makes the suspension stiff. The down low of using large size tires is that they decrease the speed. So, weigh your necessities accordingly. Tires that come with the stock are normally smaller and under the prescribed wheel base.

What is AutoZone?

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AutoZone is an after market auto parts selling retailer company which is second largest in the United States. They also sell tires of all brands and sizes. AutoZone has roughly 5000 stores across the united states, Mexico and Brazil. The company’s headquarters is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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