Find answers for queries on local jobs

Find answers for queries on local jobs
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Finding local jobs in your area eases your traveling stress, helping you balance personal and work life. Find out queries on jobs right from a waiter at a restaurant to working for local government body in your area.

Do food service managers earn more than chefs and head cooks?

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Yes, since food service managers must ensure proper coordination between other employees right from bus boy to head cooks, they earn an average salary of $50k. Chefs and head cooks keeping in mind their role limitation, earn an average of $42k annually.

What are the hazards involved in working as a chef in a restaurant?

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Chefs and head cooks work in crowded, fast paced kitchens and are normally exposed to dangerous objects that can cause serious harm. Some of them include slips, cuts and burns. Kitchen sanitation is also equally important as a kitchen harboring outdated food products can cause serious illness.

Which states offer the most restaurant jobs in the US?

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States with tourist visits and the ones that have higher population density, some of them include California, Florida, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. States may differ based on what role you apply for in a restaurant.

Do you need to have a degree to be a waiter or waitress?

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While basic education is always necessary, you don’t need to have a degree or a diploma for that matter to be a waiter or waitress. It is solely an entry level job.

How do I find local restaurant jobs near my location?

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You can walk up to the restaurants and talk to the managers if there are any vacancies available for the role you wish to apply for. You can also find jobs on-line. and offer restaurant jobs exclusively.

What are the benefits of being employed in a government job?

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The first and foremost benefit of being employed in a federal government service is Job security, especially in an uncertain economy. Government and federal civilian employees earn more paid holidays than their private counterparts. They enjoy as much as 1.5 years more than a private employee. Other benefits include greater health benefits and post retirement annuity.

What is FERS retirement plan?

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FERS or Federal Employee Retirement System offers three different benefits; Basic security plan, Social security, and TSP (Thrift Security plan). You can carry social security and TSP after you have retired from federal government service. You pay your share in the basic security and social security plan and the other part is paid by the agency. Once you retire, you receive monthly annuity for the rest of your life.

Where can I look for local Government jobs?

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Websites such as offer state and county wise jobs that best fit your profile. Other websites include and Other on-line job portals that post private jobs are not much of a help.

Are there any part time government jobs Available?

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Yes, you can work part time with federal government. It pays you $11 to $20 an hour. Some of the popular part time or as they say ‘temp jobs’ offered by the U.S government are national park uniform guards, accountants and auditors, and federal airport screener. Websites such as offers part time positions in federal government.

Which sectors harbor most of the Housekeeping jobs?

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With an annual wage of roughly $35K, hotel industries, Hospitals, and retirement communities and facilities to serve the elderly offer most of the housekeeping jobs.

What is a career growth in a house keeping job?

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With relevant experience, a house keeper can grow to be a housekeeping supervisor which pays an additional $7K annually. Ultimately, a housekeeper can progress to become a registered nurse or a hotel general manager which has an annual salary of $52k.

How do I find local housekeeping jobs near me?

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By keeping tabs on walk-in interviews posted by the organizations that require housekeepers or inquiring for the same, you can find housekeeping jobs near you. Websites such as , exclusively list housekeeping jobs.

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